Saturday, December 22, 2012

Merry Christmas!

As we reflect on the year 2012...we can't help but be full of gratitude to our loving Heavenly Father. We have had a year packed full of blessings!
Here is the run down:
January: Celebrated SIX wonderful years of marriage; Ben flew on an airplane for the first time!
February: We were blessed with an uneventful month...which is truly a BLESSING!
March: Abbie submitted National Board Portfolio (and we both survived the process)!
April: Ben began his third season coaching MS Track!
May: Abbie completed her Master's Defense (Ben, Mom & Dad watched)!
June: We wrapped up another wonderful year of working with the students/athletes in our community!
July: Abbie was asked to join the Teacher Leadership team at NVSD (more classes began!)
August:We celebrated Abbie's birthday (21 again...can you believe it?)!
September: We celebrated our grandpa's 80th birthday!
October: Ben enjoyed being a PAID football coach!
November: We celebrated Ben's birthday and Abbie became a National Board Certified Teacher!
December: We began our home addition!
We look forward to 2013...and can't wait to see what our Lord has in store for us...Many blessings to you and your families, we pray you enjoy the Savior's birth!

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