Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Golfing with the Big Boys!

I found more pictures!!! I had forgotten about these pictures...a couple months ago, the boys went golfing while us girls went shopping. Landen was SO excited to be going golfing with the "guys". He got to go to Raspberry Ridge with his Daddy, Uncle Ben and Grandpa-Grandpa. Uncle Ben was under strict instructions to TAKE PICTURES!
Daddy and Landen in the golf cart!
Stepping up to the tee....


WAIT! Not a miss...His golf club broke! This kiddo hit so hard his golf head broke off! The "guys" didn't notice that the golf heads weren't medal like the rest of the club...whoops!

Let's try this again, with a practice, plastic ball!

NOPE...still a miss!

Regardless of how many times he had to try...he was one determined little golfer! After 9 holes...he decided he wanted to go again! This little trooper golfed 18 holes with the "guys"!

Good Luck hittin' the golf course without taking this little golfer along!

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