Friday, December 28, 2012

Christmas Day

This year we had a full Christmas. We started celebrating Christmas morning at my Grandpa and Grandma Holt's house. We had a yummy Christmas breakfast, and enjoyed a very low key morning visiting and enjoying family, all of which I have no pictures!
After breakfast, we went home to lay low and relax. Next we went over to my Grandpa and Grandma Lane's house. We had a delicious dinner! This year's Christmas was extra special because my aunt and uncle were visiting from Virginia! We had a packed few days while they were here, a lot of memories packed into a very short week.
 Landen was totally into his new DS game...Monster Trucks! (not nearly as fun as his other new game "Super Mario Bros.")

Katie and my Aunt Gig hanging out by the dinner the wine :)

Kyla playing with all her new kitchen stuff...we sat and played for at least 30 minutes! She is getting so big!

She also loves her new pony! If you look close you can see she has a clip or "hair pretty" in his mouth while she combs the pony's hair...I think this is a strategy she learned from her mommy!

This picture was too funny not to post...this is Landen's face right when he opened his Jake and the Neverland Pirates ship...he was super excited!

Complete with the "action figures"....he definitely has the "present pose" down!

Kyla getting ready to open her giant present...the kitchen center!

Again...present pose....

I was trying to take a picture of Kyla with her crown on...but you can see big brother thought he needed to jump in the picture too!

Everyone vegging out on the couch...

Kyla and Daddy with their crowns on!

Landen with his crown...

Kyla chowing down on a yummy dinner roll...with the assist from Mommy.

Dad and Ben...

Christmas visiting...

Landen all ready for Christmas dinner!...holding his Christmas cracker!!!
We had a great Christmas and are still in shock that New Year's is right around the corner...where did this year go???

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