Thursday, December 20, 2012

Addition Post #3

Things are starting to take shape around here! Believe it or not these pictures are already out dated...but I had to post them so you could see the process. Today the trusses came and were put on the house...but due to the wonderful Pacific Northwest rain...the guys had to call it a day a bit earlier than normal because it was just too slick. As soon as they are spread out beautifully I will be sure to post a picture.
The picture above is standing in our new room looking toward our new master bathroom. The opening/doorway to the right will be our beautiful door going out to our covered deck! Can't wait!

The walls are going up! There will be another dormer window up will be able to see that better in my next post...once the trusses go up!

The chunk of house coming toward the camera is my WALK IN CLOSET!!! I do have a pretty good sized closet now...but I am excited to have my new one right off the bathroom! Hopefully this winter weather will hold off until the roof is on...!

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