Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Pinterest Idea #???

I have lost track of which pinterest project this is...or how many or which ones I have posted....BUT know that I am getting much better at implementing more of my pinterest pins (especially the ones I have pinned for my classroom!...I will try to take some pictures tomorrow at work!)
This one is super fun and easy...Every year I try to think of creative ways to display our Christmas cards...I hate the idea of taping them up. One year I hung each one along our garland all the way up our staircase...while that was cool, it was time consuming each time we got a card! This year I had it all ready to go! Pinterest had this great idea of using a metal ring and simply hole punching each card and adding it to the ring! Of course to make it super cute, you just add a few cute Christmas ribbons and jingle bells, and done! I have it sitting on our sofa table right when you walk in our front door...its a great way to display the pictures of the people we love!
Hope you are all enjoying this Holiday Season!!!

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